Update For Arcadian’s Puerto Rico Performance – Saturday – June 7, 2014

Arcadian and Chaiki Yasukawa Perform - Puerto Rico June 7, 2014Don’t Miss It! Your Chance To See This Now!

Arcadian Broad and Chaiki Yasukawa will be in Puerto Rico!


Their performance will be this week on  

When:  June 7th!



San Juan and Humacao


Please see their Facebook page also for more information. Just check here!  Thanks! If we have more information also, we will post it right here asap!

(P.S. To see more of Arcadian and Chiaki performing, please see the “Videos” Link at the top of the pages!)

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Arcadian and Chiaki To Perform in Puerto Rico – June, ’14. More Details To Come

Watch for Arcadian Broad and Chiaki Yasukawa – Coming Soon to Puerto Rico

Beginning of June, 2014.  Details to Follow Asap!

Puerto Rico Carribean

puerto ricoEnjoy!

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Naples Ballet – Arcadian Performs May 31-June 1, ’14 Weekend Performance of Don Quixote

Don QuixoteThis weekend May 31st – June 1st, Arcadian will be guest artist in Naples Ballet’s performance of Don Quixote with his partner, Chiaki Yasukawa.

Performances will be held at the Sugden Community Theatre  701 5th Ave So., Naples, FL. Times:  Saturday, May 31st – 6:00 pm and Sunday, June 1st – 2:00 pm.
Tickets can still be purchased by calling   239.263.7990

Toshiko Tompkins,  Director
Christophe Maraval, Artistic Director

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Orlando Sentinel Features Arcadian Broad – Front Page

The Orlando Sentinel's Article on Arcadian. .“Everyone” is congratulating Arcadian on this Orlando Sentinel article about his success thus far…. Orlando celebrates their Orlando Ballet, multi-talented, hard working great local young star!

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Watch A Video Now of Arcadian’s 2013-2014 Season!

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Photo by Michael Cairns of Wet Orange Studio, Orlando FL

Arcadian & Dancing Partner / Thanks to Michael Cairns, Wet Orange Studio, Orlando, FL


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BEAUTY & THE BEAST by Arcadian Broad – Orlando Ballet, Orlando FL April 12, 2014! Don’t Miss It!

Beauty & The Beast – (Don’t Miss This)! 

Don't Miss Arcadian's Performance, Choreography & Music Composition in This Beloved Favorite "Beauty & The Beast" April 12,'14 at the Orlando Ballet !He’s 18.  He just composed his own score for the production of Beauty & The Beast to be performed this month, April 12th, at the Orlando Ballet in Orlando Florida.

Granted, he is 18.  However, Arcadian’s accomplishment in this personal challenge, is just one of his many many successes in his young life.

What amazes me most about this young man, is he doesn’t seem to rest. Not in just ‘rest’ in general, but also on any of his  achievements.  And there’s a list of them!

One of my very favorites is his talent as a pianist.  I could listen to him play for hours!  And he does so much of the time as a Member of the Orlando Ballet too.

That’s another accomplishment he can be so proud of.

I love to see a child who has worked at everything he’s ever wished to do and have the amazing results he’s attained.  Hard work. Persistence. Going for it!

Congratulations again Arcadian, we’re all proud of you!

Now to go see this beloved fairy tale, choreographed and composed musically by Arcadian, please save  this date!!:

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 11am
Saturday, April 12, 2014, 3pm – NEW PERFORMANCE ADDED!!!
Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

Choreography by Arcadian Broad
Music by Arcadian Broad

“Family Series – Ballet for young audiences. Arrive early with your family to enjoy family-friendly activities, story-telling and an opportunity to take pictures with the characters of the story. Doors open at 10AM. Performances start at 11AM and are approximately 1 hour in length to accommodate our younger patron’s shorter attention spans.”  (Orlando Ballet)

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American Dance Competition – 2014

Coming up this month in March for a whole week of International competition!

This is your link for their EXCITING & INFORMATIVE Video and  information!

Arcadian will be performing a special pas with Chiaki Yasukawa in their amazing guest performance. Don’t Miss It – Click Here For Details!

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