Youth America Grand Prix – Arcadian Broad

Youth America Grand Prix

International Student Ballet and Contemporary Dance Scholarship Competition

The YAGP is the world’s largest student ballet scholarship competition and has awarded over 2 million dollars in scholarships since it was formed in 1999.

Arcadian has just WON the 2012 REGIONALS

competition and will be traveling to NEW YORK CITY in April (22-26, 2012), to compete in the FINALS there.

With the First Place win in the Men’s Division, Arcadian won a Gold Medal in both the Classical and Contemporary categories.

Congratulations go out!  Also, watch for updates in April when Arcadian will be competing in the Finals then.

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4 Responses to Youth America Grand Prix – Arcadian Broad

  1. George Christian jr says:

    congrads Arcadian on the award :) 1st of many 2 come your way / come so far from agt you sure showed them

  2. Colin W Stetson says:

    I wonder why I would assume that a first place performance would be fortutious for Arcadian. Without implying any desire to place undue pressure on him by using the word “fortutious,” I simply have seen few, if any, young classical ballet performers who can match his grace, athleticism, intensity, and striking interpretations throughout his presentations.
    I have been an avid supporter of Arcadian since first viewing one of his YouTube performances. He literally drew me into the majesty of his impressionism by the utter skills he displayed throughout. I shall eagerly await any further YouTubes which, hopefully, will be forth coming as he progresses through the competition.
    Need I say, I wish Arcadian my deepest regards and want him to know “he’s the best,” and for him to just get out there and simply display all the magic he can in separating himself from all others. My deepest regards, always. Colin

  3. Miguel says:

    You can do it !!!

  4. Massive congrats, Arcadian! My fingers are crossed for you for the finals in April – I know you will do a stunning job there!


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