Vampire’s Ball – Orlando Ballet – Arcadian Broad

Vampire’s Ball – Orlando Ballet – Arcadian Broad


It’s 10 minutes, yes!  But what a 10 minutes!  I’m not an expert in dance or piano, for sure.  I do watch DWTS! lol!  But it doesn’t take an expert to be completely, totally blown away by this performance in the Vampire’s Ball video that you see here. I am SO impressed with Arcadian’s ongoing display of the tremendous talent he has and has worked so hard in developing.  I LOVE this performance.  I love his piano. I love to see how he’s becoming such a fantastic show to watch!  Hope you all enjoy this newest video as much as I do!

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3 thoughts on “Vampire’s Ball – Orlando Ballet – Arcadian Broad

  1. i love his dancing he to me is the greatest dancer in the world im blown away by his dancing every time he dances

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