Helping Kids Who Have Been Bullied

Helping Kids Who Have Been Bullied

Hi. There’s a lot to be said for this rampant social downfall these days.

If you’re a kid and you’ve been the victim of bullying, then you’re probably eager to hear all about some help.

Well, if Arcadian can dance and play the piano; if he can act and sing; and work and go to school….

Then he can do a lot more, because he’s experienced the same thing.

Because of this, he’s beginning to realize another dream that he’s talked about before.

I hope you all will keep an eye and ear out…...because I’m positive Arcadian’s gonna do something spectacular like he always does!

And if you’re being bullied….just follow us.  Stay tuned. It might take a little while to see some more things about this bullying project he’s got going…but….

Stick close!  And leave a comment!! Tell us what you would really like to hear. Thanks!


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3 Responses to Helping Kids Who Have Been Bullied

  1. Miguel Govea says:

    Arcadian was bullied ?!!
    Me too until start to fight.

  2. Phil Pleasants says:

    There couldn’t be a better project to be involved in. Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to a young person. Schools, Teachers, Parents and anyone that is aware someone is being bullied, needs to take whatever action is necessary to see that it is stopped and the bully punished. Arcadian is a fine example of someone who has been bullied but then found something he was good at and passionate about and look where he is today. People that are being bullied need to try to look past the bullying because you never know where life will take you.

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