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2 Responses to CONTACT

  1. Colin W. Stetson says:

    Hi, Arcadian,
    I realize I am “a day late and a dollar short” sending you my kudos for what was a dynamic weekend and performance by you, the Orlando Ballet, and of course, featuring your choreography of “Beauty and the Beast.”

    Whenever you score such high marks with one of your scintillating performances or exhibitions, I’m always left with a bump on my head from banging it against the wall regretting that I could not be in attendance to watch you do your thing. You have to know, however, that the thunder you cause by virtue of the depth of your talent and commitment, can be heard over here in the Midwest and I could not be more thrilled at the success you continue to enjoy due to your extraordinary efforts and particularly at such a young age.

    I hope you would allow me to offer a person thought at this moment. I was really struck dumb by the article in the Orlando Sentinel which obviously gave me a more intimate summation of your history and many of the circumstances which have motivated you to the level of excellence you’ve attained. As you know, having been the coach of hundreds upon hundreds of athletes, there have been a few youngsters among that group who had suffered many of the same indignities you had to experience at a very young age. Knowledge of their predicaments allows me to more deeply empathize with your own history, albeit, as strictly athletes they often times could come and go with the aspect of “winning and losing,” never having touched the depth of commitment and work ethic you have had to endure as a dancer; notwithstanding, the kind of verbal abuse dancers must overcome in establishing their own identity.

    Forgive me if I bore you too long with my thoughts. I’m sure your support group out there have hashed over all such influences in your life. However, and of course, I’m a “Johnny come lately” in knowing any such history of yours, while at the same time admiring you so much as an artist…and as an outstanding athlete, which characterizes all ballet dancers. “What the hell,” I’ve never even met you in person, albeit, as an artist, I feel I’ve personally known you for ages. I guess that’s one reason I feel such a great amount of pride in all that you’re doing.

    Anyway, congratulations for your splendid showing with the Orlando Ballet. Allow me to also say, even though you must have a huge support group out there, please count me in the loop. If there is any way I can assist you, I hope you will have the confidence to touch base with me, and without hesitation. I’m not sure I know how to state that more plainly.

    I look forward to your continued success and hope you’ll share any and all information with me as it happens.

    Deepest regards to an extraordinary young man.

    Colin W. Stetson

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