Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

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Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre is a major performing arts auditorium in Orlando, Florida and seats 2,518. It is part of the larger Orlando Centroplex organization which manages several facilities.

The site has been a center for performing arts since 1926, when the Orlando Municipal Auditorium was built. The auditorium was extensively modernized and enlarged between 1975 and 1977, at a cost of $2,300,000, and was renamed for former Orlando Mayor Bob Carr. The original Municipal Auditorium facade remains intact on the interior of the building. Additional modernization was done in 1991.[1]

The auditorium is home to the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, the former Orlando Opera, and a variety of other shows, exhibits, and events.

The Bob Carr Centre will be replaced in 2014 by the Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center, which was approved in 2007 along with the new Amway Center and improvements to the Citrus Bowl. It is unknown what will happen to the Bob Carr Centre after its completion.

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