5 thoughts on “Arcadian at OIA – Sneak Preview Nutcracker

  1. I am a Chinese girl living in a ordinary city of China. I love arts. I am not that good at English. I hope Arcadian can understand my words. I just know him when I see the America’s Got Talent Show. However, I am shocked by his incredible talent and stunning face. When I saw him, I believed that he is an angel. He is the gift of the god. ( I am not sure whether it is ok to say in this way.) Maybe you dont know it is really difficult to get every information of him in China, but I try my ulmost to do it, then I am really delighted to find this place and also get some pictures of his perfomance with Orlando Ballet. However I havnt get any video of his performance except in America’s Got Talent Show. I am eager to watch more. I love him so much. I eager to know every perfomance of him. I just dont have any idea where to get them or when is the show starts. I am very upest I am living in a place that so far from America and I am in an age that not to be allowed to go another country by my own in China. However, maybe one day I will go to America for studying. I hope one day I can watch his performance in personally. I hope he can see my words. Thank you so much.

  2. You rock; talented and cute.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

  3. Mr. Stetson,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Have a wonderful holiday also. Arcadian keeps close watch of all the wonderful comments and can answer personally as time permits. Thank you again, I assure you Arcadian reads and appreciates all.

  4. Longtime friend and supporter from the Department of Athletics of the Culver Academies in Culver, IN, who regrets he can not watch you perform in Orlando due to other commitments. I have reviewed and so much enjoyed what Youtube videos I can find of your work, as you simply are a magnificent talent who, along with many of the Billy Elliot performers I’ve come to know the past few years, have introduced me to the artistry of ballet.
    I wish you well during your Orlando run, and hope you will keep me apprised as to your progress and professional growth since I feel in someway, I know you well through your work.
    And, kindest regards to you and your family for the holidays and continued success in the New Year. All my best, Colin Stetson, Master Instructor Emeritis, Culver Academies.

  5. this is so beautiful i wish i was able to be there and watch arcadian perform live .that would be my dream come true

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