Arcadian and Chiaki Yasukawa Performing at the ADC / IBC 2014 GALA!

ADC/IBC 2014!!March 19-23, ’14 -

ADC - 2014 Congratulations to Audrianna Broad and her amazing American Dance Competition!

Starting with the Preliminary Round at the Orlando Ballet School, culminating to incredible stage performances at the News Journal Center, Daytona Beach.

Guest Performances will include Arcadian Broad with Chiaki Yasukawa 

Closing with Awards Ceremony and GALA!!

“Come join us this year!” Be a part of one of the largest youth scholarship international ballet competitions.Doors open to the public. March 19-23, 2014  

Event:  7th Annual International Competition

When:  March 9-11, 2011

Where:  Orlando, FL  –  Daytona, FL

Audrianna Broad – Founder


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